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Frequently Asked Questions



  1. What is a portable program?
  2. I have multiple parts! part01 part02 etc. And now? Password?
  3. I’m getting an exe file instead of a .rar archived file!
  4. I can’t see the website! (404/can’t find)
  5. I do see the website, but the file does not exist!
  6. How to download?
  7. Problems with a portable
  8. Other


  1. Cos’è un programma portable?
  2. Ho più parti differenti, che devo fare? (part1,part2). Qual è la password?
  3. Mi ha scaricato un exe invece di un archivio rar!
  4. Non riesco a vedere il sito! (404/impossibile trovare..)
  5. Vedo il sito, ma sembra che non ci sia il file..
  6. Come faccio a scaricare?
  7. Problemi con un portable
  8. Altro




1. What is a portable program?

Cos’è un programma portable?



2. Multiple parts

Ho più parti cosa faccio



3. exe file, not rar

mi scarica un file exe, e non un rar



4. I can’t see the download website!

non riesco a vedere il sito per scaricare!



5. the file does not exist/offline

il file non esiste/eliminato, uff che faccio



6. How to download?!

6a. Downloading from my /download/ page


6b. Problems with new links at /download/


6a. Downloading from

(for old portables and for some multiple links)


7. Problems running a portable

Problemi a usare un portable

There can be many different problems with a portable software, and not all are solvable. You understand that programs are not born to be portable, so they not always work. I just publish those which do work for me, but may not work for everybody. Those which did not work for me were not published (such as famous Vegas (edit: made it!), Lumion, HitFilm, XD… You can search ‘Failed‘ in THOP Live page, or also see failed requests table in Request page). I try my best to make portables the most compatible possible, so always make sure to:

  • use latest available version of that portable (search for it on this website).
  • keep your system up to date through Windows Update. Windows 10 is not necessary but strongly recommended. (Keep in mind that Windows 7 is more than ten years old and it was ‘discontinued‘ by Microsoft on 14 January 2020! No more security updates, ever. If a new bug is found that can let evid nerds in, you will have it forever). Also, don’t wait for “Windows 11” to update your system – there won’t be any. Windows 10 will be the last one ever. So get it now 🙂


Missing .dll file

Show solution

Other issues

  • Only THOP splash and nothing else: you’re probably using a portable built before May 2019 and you’re running latest win10 update version 1903+. This new update broke these ‘old portables’ resulting in a blank execution (no errors). There are 3 possible solutions, explained here (also read description):
    Note: maybe there’s a new portable version available for your program, always check and stay up to date, newer portables have this fixed. Future Windows updates may break things again, blame Bill.
  • Errors like 0x800704C7: this could be anything, but most of the times it happens for users on w10 Home version, and they fixed by upgrading to Pro version. You can find official Pro licenses on ebay for just $3, and upgrading is just like a normal update, no format or big installations needed.
  • Error “Memory could not be read: strange IT stuff, most likely get fixed with a system reboot.
  • Error “Scratch disks are full: pretty much explains itself, portable runs on a disk which is pretty much full, try a system reboot (usually solves) or copy portable to a disk that has at least like 30GB free. I guess this usually happens with Photoshop.
  • License errors: make sure you read release note.txt which is always included in every release and contains useful informations and details about what you downloaded. Sometimes portable needs activation, if so it’s explained there. If not explained, then something’s wrong. As stated in point 1 in this page, programs are not born to be portable so there can be issues. Usually license is kept in portable mode, sometimes it doesn’t like the new system (yes, yours) so it just doesn’t work. This is usually not solvable I’m sorry, there could be anything on your system that interferes. You may contact me for a chance of help. Otherwise please get Setup version which always works perfectly.

Other questions

  • Your splashscreen is ugly, how can I remove it?
    Nope. You can’t. There are a lot of a-holes who steal my programs and post them elsewhere, or even sell them to make money over my work. I spend countless hours making these programs and keeping this website up, so at least the final user always knows who’s really behind it, and if they paid for them at least they feel dumb, because here on THOP it’s all FREE to download.
    Tip: clicking on the splashscreen makes it disappear instantly.
    Note: the splash doesn’t delay the startup in any way, it’s in parallel.
    Note: The only way to remove the splashscreen is with a complete rebuild from source, which I always delete. So it requires a complete remaking of the package. It’s possible, but it’s a special private request made only for you, so if you really want me to make it you have to donate.


other questions?  Hit me on Contact page.

if you ask something that’s already over here, a thermonuclear war will begin, watch out