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Currently Making
14/11/2018Wolfram Mathematica 11.3 PortablePublished135
13/11/2018Inventor 2019.2 (update)Publishedfrom 2019.1 to 2019.2134
13/11/2018Acrobat Pro DC 2019Published2019.008.20081133
11/11/2018Rhinoceros 6.11 PortablePublished132
10/11/2018MATLAB R2018b PortableMakingmillion of svms yay - it's taking 3 hours just to save files of base pack dammit - works on w7 but not on w10, hell130
10/11/2018ON1 Photo Raw 2019 PortablePublished131
09/11/2018Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 Portable (13.0.1)Publishedbuilt it 8 times to figure out things129
08/11/2018Final Draft 11 PortablePublished128
08/11/2018GameMaker Studio Ultimate 2.2 PortablePublished127
07/11/2018Adobe FrameMaker 2019 PortablePublished126
07/11/2018Global Mapper v20 PortablePublished125
07/11/2018GlassWire Elite 2.0.80 PortableFailedam freakin tired124
07/11/2018OkMap 14.0 PortablePublished123
07/11/2018Atom 1.32.1 PortableFailed122
07/11/2018ViewMate Pro 11.14 PortablePublishedfigured out, made it work πŸ™‚ (failed on 13/10)121
06/11/2018Antidote 9 v5.1 PortablePublished120
06/11/2018Traktor Pro 3 PortablePublished119
06/11/2018Artlantis Studio 7 PortablePublished118
05/11/2018[ Working HARD on New link method ]I removed binbox, tried to post direct links in post but files got removed quickly. I so created my own binbox πŸ˜€ FUSE is first post to have this method.117
06/11/2018Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 Portable (23.0.1+ML)Publishedlanguage file is quite big but hey πŸ™‚ we also have big hdds116
06/11/2018Adobe Bridge CC 2019 Portable (9.0.1)Published115
05/11/2018Photoshop 32-bit Portable (latest: CC 2018)Published114
05/11/2018Adobe Fuse CC 2017.1 PortablePublished113
29/10/2018Studying hardshould have started a loooooooooong time ago, dammit portables and CC 2019s specially πŸ˜€112
28/10/2018Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2019 PortableFailedx86 version might work - nah111
27/10/2018CLO Standalone 4.2 PortablePublished110
27/10/2018Photoshop CC 2019 (cleaner)Published109
16/10/2018ALL Adobe CC 2019 Portable πŸ™‚Publishedafter years, crack method has changed, no more amtlib.dll! πŸ™ Will have to wait for somebody to find a way... will be soon I guess πŸ™‚108
26/10/2018AutoCAD Architecture 2019.0.2 PortablePublished107
26/10/2018Autodesk Fusion 360 2.0 PortablePublishedlegit online untouched version106
24/10/2018Adobe Prelude CC 2019 PortablePublished105
24/10/2018Adobe InCopy CC 2019 PortablePublished104
24/10/2018Adobe Dimension CC 2019 PortablePublished103
24/10/2018Adobe Media Encoder CC 2019 PortablePublishedissues πŸ™ for this four CC that dont work am gonna give direct link to everybody to test version I made, to get feedback, maybe sometimes they work as portables are strange. EDIT managed to make them work πŸ˜€102
22/10/2018Adobe After Effects CC 2019 PortablePublishedissues - solved, I triggered some settings and it worked, I'm amazed94
22/10/2018Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 PortablePublishedissues - hope to solve like Ae - solved92
21/10/2018Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2019 PortableFailedjust doesn't start πŸ™ -> still failed even if I managed to make others work. This is officially the ONLY CC 2019 that doesn't want to work, dammit πŸ˜€90
24/10/2018Acrobat Pro DC 2019 Portable (update)Published2019.008.20080101
23/10/2018Adobe RoboHelp 2019 PortablePublished100
23/10/2018Adobe Animate CC 2019 PortablePublished99
22/10/2018Adobe Bridge CC 2019 PortablePublished98
22/10/2018Adobe Character Animator CC PortablePublished97
22/10/2018Adobe InDesign CC 2019 PortablePublished96
22/10/2018Adobe XD CC 2019 PortableFailedIt's an APP and has some strange behavior and dependencies, actual tools can't make it portable95
22/10/2018Adobe Audition CC 2019 PortablePublished93
21/10/2018Adobe Lightroom CC 2019 PortablePublished91
20/10/2018Adobe Illustrator CC 2019 PortablePublished89
19/10/2018Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 PortablePublishedFor real! First patched 2019 is out :))88
17/10/2018Acrobat Pro DC 2019 PortablePublished2019.008.2007487
17/10/2018Premiere Elements 2019 PortablePublisheddelayed for a few days86
17/10/2018Photoshop Elements 2019 PortablePublishedwhen 1809 is out85
15/10/2018Alcohol 120% 2.0.3 PortableFailedcant make it work, use older version I made84
15/10/2018Corel Painter 2019 PortablePublishedissuesssss but am smart and got them fixed yo83
15/10/2018CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2018 PortablePublished82
13/10/2018CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2018 PortablePublishedmaking all languages pack, done81
13/10/2018Rhinoceros 6.10 PortablePublished80
13/10/2018Camera Raw 11.0 update (beta)Published79
09/10/2018More Filmora packsPublishedperformance super improved, thanks to Fred for providing78
13/10/2018ViewMate Pro 11.14 PortableFailedso small and simple yet doesn't start at all when portabilized, will try on 180977
12/10/2018BlueStacks 4.31.56 PortablePublished76
12/10/2018FL Studio 20.0.4 PortablePublished75
11/10/2018Csi ETABS 17.0.1 PortablePublished74
11/10/2018Substance Designer 2018.2.2 PortablePublished73
11/10/2018AutoCAD 2019.1.2 Portable (Update)Failedgoddamit turbo problems, will try again72
10/10/2018Bentley Microstation 10.09 PortablePublishedquite messy but hey worked in the end71
10/10/2018Camera Raw 10.5 UpdatePublished70
10/10/2018Photoshop CC 2018 19.1.6 PortablePublished69
09/10/2018Autodesk Infraworks 2019.2 PortablePublishedLegit version, because I can't find where to activate it like all other autodesk software... can you? immediately asks for login at startup... πŸ™68
09/10/2018LAND Premium 8.5 PortablePublished67
08/10/2018AIDA64 Engineer 5.98 PortablePublished66
08/10/2018VirtualDJ 8.3 PortablePublished65
08/10/2018Sap2000 v20.2 PortablePublished64
08/10/2018Autodesk Eagle Premium 9.2.0Published63
08/10/2018Autodesk Maya 2018.4Published62
05/10/2018Corel PaintShop Pro 2019 UltimatePublished61
05/10/2018Toon Boom Harmony Premium 15.0.5Published60
01/10/2018VMware Workstation 15Failedgot issues but will try again59
06/09/2018Cinema 4D R20.026 PortablePublished58
30/08/2018Microsoft Office 2019 PortablePublished57
22/08/2018super studyingwent quite good, thanks for asking56
06/08/2018holiday & studying...55
24/08/2018Adobe Captivate 2019Published54
22/08/2018AutoCAD 2019 - French languagePublished53
04/08/2018STAAD Pro Connect V8i (v20.07)Published52
04/08/2018Cinema 4D R19.053 Publishedupdate to work on w10 1803 sorry for late51
04/08/2018Free Studio
04/08/2018Red-Gate .NET Reflector activation included49
04/08/2018ON1 Photo Raw 2018.5 (12.5.2)Published48
04/08/2018Adobe Dimension CC 2018 (v1.1.1)Published47
03/08/2018Archicad 22 Build 3006Published46
03/08/2018Final Draft 10.0.7Published45
03/08/2018HDR Light Studio Carbon 5.7 (2018.0725)Published44
02/08/2018Autodesk Civil 3D 2019Published43
01/08/2018Filmora packs42
01/08/2018OkMap 13.10.7Publishedugh making online version, I think it's needed isn't it... πŸ˜€41
01/08/2018Rhinoceros 6.7 UpdatePublished40
01/08/2018WPS Office Premium also online version... done39
01/08/2018Sublime Text 3.3176Published38
31/07/2018Tableau 2018.1.3Published37
31/07/2018ProShow Producer 9.0.3797Published36
31/07/2018Unity Pro 2018.2.1f1Publishedwill make os-supports svm later, request which you want35
30/07/2018Microsoft Project Pro 2016Failedoffice sucks34
30/07/2018DZED Dragonframe 4.0.2Publishedhmm issues, retry #2 works, (with thinapp)33
30/07/2018DxO Photolab 1.2.1Publishedsuperb smoothness32
29/07/2018Autodesk VRED Professional 2019.0.1Publishedguys upload speed is slow and adsk stuff big, please be patient πŸ™‚31
27/07/2018Autodesk Navisworks Manage 2019Published30
26/07/2018Inventor Pro 2019.1Published29
26/07/2018Screaming FrogFailedjava issues28
24/07/20183ds Max 2019.1.1Published27
24/07/2018ABBYY FineReader 14 EnterpriseFailedactivation is trial reset so might not work in portable version, let me try if works in next days -> nvm doesn't work at all26
23/07/2018ACID Pro 8.0.1FailedJust like Vegas Pro... magix stuff does not like to be portabilized25
23/07/2018SpaceClaim 19.1Published24
23/07/2018Luxion Keyshot 7.3.40Failed3 tries failed πŸ™ sorry23
23/07/2018Vectorworks 2018 SP4Published22
22/07/2018ArcGIS Desktop 10.6 addonsPublished21
22/07/2018ArcGIS Desktop 10.6Publishednot sure about licensing but seems ok. Making separate addons20
22/07/2018Maxwell Studio
22/07/2018Autodesk Sketchbook 8.6Published18
22/07/2018Camera Raw 10.4 UpdatePublished17
21/07/2018AVID Sibelius Ultimate 2018.4Failed3 attempts failed, retrying last chance..... no luck16
21/07/2018Camtasia 2018.0.1Published15
21/07/2018IDM 6.31.3Published14
21/07/2018FileMaker Pro 17 AdvancedPublished13
21/07/2018Bluebeam Revu eXtreme 2018Publishedworksss, new splash12
16/07/2018Studying. Back late july11
15/07/2018FL Studio updatePublishedthis works, not experimental like 20.0.2 (which I removed)10
14/07/2018Photoshop 2018 update 19.1.5Published9
10/07/2018ZBrush 2018.1Published8
10/07/2018FL Studio 20.0.1 Setup (RePack)PublishedExperimental, preactivated and offline7
09/07/2018SideFX Houdini 16.5.496PublishedWorks but requires activation on your side (machine based)6
09/07/2018FL Studio (Update)PublishedExperimental5
06/07/2018(Private paid request)Done4
06/07/2018AutoCAD 2019.0.1PublishedAll good just like revit yay3
05/07/2018Unreal Engine 4.19.2PublishedLauncher + 10Gb engine.svm + 6 packages, big stuff2
02/07/2018Autodesk Revit 2019.0.1PublishedIntegrated license holds well1

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37 thoughts on “THOP Live!

  1. You have made Revit portable. 2018 worked. 2019 worked once on my machines, but never again. I downloaded it at least 2 times, but could not get it working. Same with Autocad 2019.

    Can you try to make Autodesk Navis Works manager portable? Nobody has done this one as a portable.

    The majority of your portables work on a restricted machine (no admin rights).

    Thank you very much,

    1. Hey thanks a lot, request added to todo list, you already requested on Oct 5 but that’s ok, I’ll do my best soon πŸ™‚ Could you please tell me how does 2019 portables ‘don’t run again’? And what system+build are you on? Thanks

  2. Hi, wonderful solution. GREAT WORK πŸ‘
    I’m looking for Intergraph PVElite 2018… and for the latest version of SolidWorks.

  3. 3DF Zephyr
    156MB, there’s no v4 Portable yet.

    Enscape3D (for Google Sketchup, real-time rendering)
    213MB, v2.3.2.703

    Solidworks 2017 or 2018
    12GB, this one is tricky.

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