7 thoughts on “Adobe Bridge CC 2019 Portable (v9.0.1)

  1. Excuse me!
    Does anyone here has an antivirus alert about FileRepMalware infection when tries to open the Bridge portable.exe?!
    Or it’s just me?

    Please check ,
    Thank you.

    1. I have paid Bitdefender and says nothing about it (and all my portables). Sometimes complains about keygens I use, but I use them to activate software so you don’t have to, therefore your computer stays clean 😉 so for bridge it’s a false positive, no worries!

  2. Excuse me again please!

    Can I use the Camera raw .svm to update this package or it works only with PS and AI?

    I wasn’t able to use the cameraRaw.svm with PS 2019 portable, Can I use it here?


  3. When I try to edit a file in the Camera raw, the program shows me this error message:

    Camera raw editing is not enabled.
    Camera raw editing requires that a qualifying products has been licensed.

    Advise please,

    Excuse me for my many questions, but it’s my first time to use portable programs like this.


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