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Bitcoin(BTC): 1EZahXPJEcm7i7d9keswwsLNwgBLYGVirH
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Bitcoin Cash(BCH): 1GVErokVGxcefJpWdedyFjqfVY2xTjoeti

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Monero(XMR): 4Ad7yC4S9Vi3NKYz7bs8KH8CGHLGBXG99NBS9R8Ag6vq1nkFG24RbiMWbwaVe4vUMveKAzAiA4j8xgUi29TpKXpm3wcFTKW


If you want to donate through some other crypto, contact me and I’ll tell you the address for it 😀




If you want, after donating you can email me saying you donated, and you can request:

  • Gold Key: PREMIUM account on dfiles for a certain amount of time (like 2 weeks or 1 MONTH!) means unlimited download speed and unlimited parallel downloads!
  • DIRECT links on MEGA or any other cloud you prefer, uploaded just for you!
  • REQUEST a program that you would like to be portable, you’ll go on top of to-do list and I will instantly do everything I can to fulfill your wishes 🙂


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