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sonar platinum 2017.1 portable

Craft your masterpiece

Fueled by over 25 years in the relentless pursuit of innovation, SONAR is re-inventing the modern recording studio.

The most complete package

The creative experience only SONAR offers: advanced technology, effortless workflow, and an interface that amplifies inspiration.

without limits

Navigate your projects with the award-winning Skylight Interface, fully customizable to suit your workflow
Enjoy unlimited , , Instrument, Loop, and Auxiliary Tracks in every project
Experience the industry-best audio engine, 3, Touch, and all the leading technologies you’d expect from a leading DAW
Choose from three versions designed to meet your needs and budget [→ joking, I’m giving you the version 😉 ]

A world of

Whether you’re a songwriter, , or composer, SONAR has the instruments you need to build your production from the ground up

Exercise total control of your drum sounds with precision tools, options, and pristine- quality samples from 3 included drum synths. Build a song structure quickly with drag-and-drop beats, or create your own rhythms from scratch.

Designed to emulate the layout of an analog console, the ProChannel can do it all. Build and upgrade your channel strip with an expandable library of modules ranging from convolution reverb, resonant filtering, dynamic compression, and powerful EQ to tape and console emulation, peak limiting, and tube saturation.

Integrated tools for superior workflow

Effortlessly build, tweak, and complete your productions with a stunning array of built-in features.

The world’s leading pitch-correction software integrates seamlessly with SONAR. Quickly pitch-correct vocals, convert audio to MIDI, and more in just seconds.

State of the art audio quality and technology

Gratifying results from challenging the status quo of audio software for over a quarter century.

Versatility that’s perfect for any style of music

Regardless of your taste, SONAR’s all-encompassing palette of tools will help you get the job done right.

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Compare versions [Platinum is the most badass of course]

sonar platinum 23.10 portable

Download 23.1:
Download Setup 23.10:


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Gianni 2

Can you do a portable of Cakewalk by BandLab?



I know it’s an old post, but impossible to launch the program.
Le logo “The House of Portable” appaers and we can see the program in task manager, and then it stops without any message.

Any idea ?

I’m on W10


please could i know the activaction code for sonar?

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