Adobe Lightroom CC 2016 6.8 (2015.8) Portable


lightroom 2015.8 portable

Enhance and perfect your photography anywhere.

With Lightroom, your photography goes where you go. Organize, edit, and share your photos from anywhere — on your computer, on the web, on your iPad and on your iPhone or Android devices. It’s all your photography. All in one place.

includes Camera Raw 9.8


lightroom 2015.8 portable




password: thop+thop


Download NEW version: Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 2019 Portable

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5 thoughts on “Adobe Lightroom CC 2016 6.8 (2015.8) Portable

    1. It IS new. It’s not my fault if they still call it “2015” and it looks like almost 2 years ago 🙂
      2015.8 version is from December 2016, as you can see at present day on the official page, which I also screenshoted down here:
      Lightroom 2015.8 is actually new

  1. Well, Adobe definitely has muddied the water regarding version numbers for Lightroom. What you are calling CC 2015.8 is more commonly known throughout the world as version 2016 6.8. Which do you think is going to benefit YOU the most? The answer should be obvious!

  2. i can’t use this
    error opening catalog and ask me to exit or choose different because lightroom.lrcat catalog is missed.
    how i suppose to do?

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