Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 Portable

adobe photoshop cc 2015.5 portable - July 13 2016, 16:53

Create anything you can imagine. Anywhere you are.

The world’s best imaging and design app is at the core of almost every creative project. Work across desktop and mobile devices to create and enhance your photographs, website and mobile app designs, 3D artwork, videos and more.

A whole new experience in digital design.

See how the latest releases help you quickly turn any inspiration into incredible work with great new features for web and app design, photography and print and graphic design.
  • Great new features for design include a faster font menu and start-up time to speed up everyday tasks. Plus, you can quickly find the right typography by matching fonts from an image.
  • Crop your photos with Content-Aware technology to preserve the look of your image, and make precise portrait adjustments with Face-Aware Liquify.
  • Create exact selections and masks faster and more easily using a new dedicated workspace. 




password: thop+thop


Version history:
Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Portable (v19.1.6)
Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Portable (v19.1.5)
Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Portable
Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 Portable
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 Portable
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.1.2 Portable
Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Portable
Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.2 Portable
Adobe Photoshop CC 2014.1 Portable
Adobe Photoshop CC Portable
Adobe Photoshop CS6 Portable
Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 Portable

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28 thoughts on “Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 Portable

  1. WTF guys. Dfiles is such a crappy hosting site to begin with and even then you don’t insure that all links are
    completed before posting. Why no mirror site (a good one)? Please remove that rubbish regarding free
    dfile keys … none are available. By the way, easybytez is actually worse that dfiles if that possible.

    1. Sorry bro 🙁 we are actually posting to a third-party DDL website where easybytez is mandatory, so I thought that one more mirror is better than none. Sorry for dfiles, it’s the host that pays best over all and money are important in this world 🙁 but it works very well in my school’s 300mbps connection, I sometimes try to download as a guest and it goes like flash, like a 250Mb archive in a couple of seconds. 😀

  2. “Adobe Stock built right in.
    Spend less time searching and more time designing with 55 million royalty-free images, graphics, and
    videos inside your apps. The new Adobe Stock Premium collection offers curated images from some
    of the world’s leading creatives. ”

    The above is misleading in at least two ways:
    1) It makes it seem as though by using this portable, the user will have free access to 55 million images.
    This is NOT true at all. It simply allows you to connect to Adobe Stock images, but you still would have to purchase them.

    2) . That connection, in and of itself, would most likely be dangerous! This IS illegal software and in violation of at least international copyright laws.

    1. Yeah. I just copied some random text from the official Ps page :’) I didn’t even read it, sorry I’m removing.
      Anyway, no danger in running my portables. They’re completely offline, all TCP and UDP connections are proxied through server so they can’t access the internet at all 🙂

  3. Cool, it works! Thank you very much!
    As I see it is only in english, multilingual would be cool. Or is there a possibility to add additional languages afterwards?

    1. Thanks Martin 🙂
      No sorry, no way to add languages afterwards actually. To do more languages I think i should install the new language inside Windows system (inside the VirtualMachine where i make portables) then run the setup… previous versions let you choose the language before installing, now not anymore 🙁

      I’m keeping updated on this matter, I know many of my users are not english 😉

  4. Once again you are incorrect. Using your portable a user can, in fact, connect to Adobe Stock Images. How
    else would I know the images aren’t free and would have to be purchased.

    Oh, and you should remove the incorrect information from both After Effects and Illustrator too.

    1. The portable is completely offline, it can’t even know what the internet is, and the Internet can’t know the program exist.
      The Stock thing is obviously something related to an official subscription, which is of course unavailable in these unofficial ways.

  5. There is a problem with what is suppose to be a new content aware crop feature. This actually doesn’t work
    because the area where the user is suppose to check the box to turn this feature on is missing. I’ll send you
    an email illustrating the missing items. Actually there are two check boxes missing.

    1. Man….. look smarter 😉 my portable might be a slightly newer build than those you see on some preview video, so they’re showing like button-checkboxes, not only checkboxes:
      content aware is there dear fox!

      while in the OLD build it showed like this:
      old content aware, but the same in the end

      or maybe on Mac they show just like checkboxes (you sent me a Mac screenshot via email)
      anyway, in my portable it’s there and it’s magically working! Try it 😀

  6. hi,thanks so much for your hard work but i downloaded Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5 Portable and get this error when double clicking the exe.
    “the version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows youre running check your computers system information to see whether you need x36 or x64 versions of the program”
    why is it saying this??theres only one set of archives to download!!!not an x36 version and a x64 version.thanks again…

  7. Oh ok…sucks for me then because i have x32 :O( thanks anyway tho..really appreciate the hard work…

  8. First off Thank you for the hard work and downloads…. But did anyone else get the “archive files either in unknown format or damaged” message. Windows 7 x64 using winrar to extract… Is this a common issue? Had it happen before and just gave up.. Just wondering about any suggestions..

  9. Just wanted to say i cant believe how rude some people are to you on here,after getting free things :Desert fox”especially…manners cost nothing…so unreal,like you owe them something….not that you’ve spent your time doing this…..the “me, myself, and i generation”at its worst!so conceited,i apologize on there behalf.

    1. yeah that’s exactly my thought… Nothing much to do. Especially him, I told him this things repeatedly, as he’s been following be for years, but it seems he’ll keep on :/

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