Free depositfiles Gold Key January 2020 (CONSTANT UPDATE) – The House of Portable

I have some dfiles gold keys for you guys!
I’ll give them away for FREE, they make your df account PREMIUM for some time.

Keys still available: (erased keys are used/expired, and here as proof that I actually have them!) –> CONSTANTLY ADDING

  • 2 hours: used // o9qzi8ab7mpgwt1a9vms2rlr2gj01z19   o5dknxnvkafys3jjcji5x6p6uiw2yovf   acuowjl2dwbkddwr8cfom8uqht0pao5c   9sbgieatvqeiajl40sx60k1ebvlqehiq  x5a9meky7yhb6p2inuo8vrjo0u6a8kfl  u9yyc71rpt11ofbs9r2v2n8wamfyik0f  
  • 6 hours: used // of7n9palffksb63sdrylakztn2ljjqfn   e061zzfq42uyzvctr30nnoz5hxvx3p95   4q46ksv4fas1vf5x9i3ny0nxtn5h7mq1  26g99nrxmy30va3ccfkx5ibl4yl7c17d  sbkw19uvtvp07wicohl6z0rzy04rkuc3  
  • 24 hours: used // 22c4ovvv1gsioe0ku2ve7gb2lt3spzdq   bxkjkzpmghfyxmiqnc8overxsxz1xr0i u0jwoqfjz32ih6e3108blpvdi2rqbx15   7txxuvglx0wlhfi75o4qsp58jbw5adri   ejefsfhjqbqdhs39cma1uikxxf48ynao  
  • 2 weeks: ssbuz25omiz2dag8d333u0nozqenu4jl (expires Jan 23) p5ouz8zpyn8597lu0mlvs0rnck43nl99  a5aixf4qa5h3mu0slcrnkb9lpy8hn6v9  3d7xuk3grr3ecc5pvhkf0hx28qzxoxqq  
  • 1 month: used // ecl0ys4dvqr7ih2wwrhyxbtwzh14peud   ozj7rvn7dsmhuzpkohjn7gyn3piete3f  bd4cfx7ej329qm6n00s6wulswnxnwu4m   08lsritryvhwdqujshisvdm9jxpkoe5i   oj2ya0i4dhbsyn2ltcw8zqztdjgt7dly  vx9a98cn6afgl5hemuc1dhknozv6vqco  

Email me if you want one (if available)! tell me which one –> Contact Page

They’re much requested. If you donate something, you will 100% get instantly the month key! and/or DIRECT LINKS on, read more on Donate Page, thanks!

–> subscribe to <–

** I update this post as soon as I get them and as soon as I remember to do so. To get a key contact me, but much more chances on telegram channel. The keys you see up here are already used, and there as a proof I do have keys: if you try to insert them on dfiles it will say “already activated“, if you just change a letter it will say “invalid“. **

–>Ps.  to unlock more, I need more downloads from Go with dfiles!

–>Coupon to have 10% discount on premium dfiles subscription: czdn9t7v4ww82urhgrnlbko408gb181c

** Make sure to follow my page on Facebook and my Telegram channel! Often I publish them only there, shortly before they expire. So activate the notifications 😉 **

Click 'Thank You' to let me know if this program is important to you! It might get more updates 😎
And if the portable works for you, remember to come back and leave a positive comment! 💖

No files are hosted or transmitted by this server. No copyright infringement or violation of intellectual property intended. All the content reported in this post is just a copy-paste of what can be easily found on the original website of the original software maker, that is the one found by clicking on 'Read more'. That website and the relative company owns any intellectual property here included.
By continuing with any file download, the user agrees to have read and understood the Disclaimer page and to be okay with it - as also stated in the cookie bar at the bottom of every page - agreeing to delete any file downloaded from this post within 24 hours from the first run, as it's intended to be for evaluation purposes only, no different from the official Trial given by the owner, but just in an easy 1-click format without installation hassles.

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aww, whatever happened to constant update?


Can you give me a key? I dont need a long time one, just a quick one to download some files


Thank you so much for the key!! I appreciate it more than words!! You are the real MVP!

[…] the Official gold keys post to see which keys are available! Constantly […]


can you make games portables? for example pro evolution soccer or fifa?

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