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  1. Hey good news Folks. we love you. Can’t wait for you to get photoscore back online as my old one doesn’t work since I upgraded to windows 10.

  2. Hi, Wanted to say that I love this site and donate the pennys here and there. This site is literally getting me through my education, wouldnt know what to do without portable software. (I have a CC license but still use portables for other machines and software I cant afford yet).

    This makes me feel cheeky for asking for even more but I am desperate. I really really want to try one of the newer versions of TOONBOOM, seems like a real challenge to get hold of, I’ve hunted high and low. If you have any other site to redirect me to or could even upload a portable version I’d be SO grateful! If not thanks anyay for everything else

    1. Thanks Katy! Glad to help you 🙂
      Oh I remember making ToonBoom a long time ago… when it was called “ToonBoom Studio”, it was one of the first requests… you can still even get it here! http://binbox.io/QT970#CyvpnpDb
      joking of course 😀 now I see it’s called Harmony and it’s not much famous it seems (not easy to get the ‘forever trial’ I mean) but maybe I found an interesting way… I’ll try that out and keep you updated 😉

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