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coreldraw technical suite 2018 portable

Technical illustration and drafting software

Benefit from the versatile authoring tools in CorelDRAW® Technical Suite 2018 that allow you to create detailed assembly instructions, complex user manuals, multi-faceted documentation and more. Achieve unsurpassed productivity with new, high-caliber features to accelerate efficiency, and get full support for technical standards to publish, share or print with this expansive technical illustration and drafting software.

  1. Comprehensive

    Enjoy a full suite of professional applications that covers all aspects of visual communication authoring, project creation and publishing of technical documentation.

  2. Precise

    Apply exacting specifications to design visually detailed assembly instructions, complex user manuals, multi-faceted documentation and technical marketing with versatile design tools.

  3. Productive

    Achieve unsurpassed productivity with new high-caliber features, increasing workflow efficiency and effectively delivering multi-lingual technical communication.

  4. Innovative

    Explore groundbreaking tools for sketching and illustration to demonstrate your technical authoring expertise and impress your audience.

  5. Intuitive

    Experience a seamless workflow, from opening source files, such as 2D, 3D, photo, documents and data, to supporting output for print, online and mobile.


CorelDRAW technical suite 2018 portable example

Find all the powerful applications you need for success

CorelDRAW® Technical Suite 2018 delivers an expansive toolbox of applications to create a wide variety of highly-detailed technical documentation, instructions, manuals and so much more!

Accessing design assets

Make the most of your content and important data by repurposing it from existing sources, including 3D designs with the integrated XVL Studio Corel Edition, and the optional XVL Studio 3D CAD Corel Edition add-on for advanced 3D CAD assembly formats. You’ll benefit from full support for a variety of content exchange types including .DWG CAD files, and over 100 other data file formats, and the ability to instantly access content through Corel® CONNECT™.

Using precision illustration and graphics tools

Achieve unsurpassed productivity with new high-caliber features and functionality to accelerate workflow efficiency. Advance your technical communication capabilities with a collection of dedicated illustration tools that ensure accuracy and precision for isometric drawing, detailed callouts and expansive dimensioning capabilities.

Publishing industry-standard
compliant output

Leverage all the power you need to publish, share and output important technical documents, including a new capability to publish to WordPress. Using a diverse set of cross-media publishing and distribution capabilities, including CGM, WebCGM, SVG, PDF, and 3D PDF, you will ensure all of your important technical files will be delivered in a readable format and accessible through online, print and mobile options.

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New way of doing portables: separate .svm packages
-useful for plugins & so: reduces main exe size that contains only the program, then you can download the plugin package only if you want it!
-ability for me to release a small program update through these separate files, without having to make the whole thing form scratch for each update.
→ More updated portables and less unnecessary size!

This portable release includes:
- CorelDRAW 2018 Portable.exe  =  main data file and program, don't rename or delete
- *.exe  =  other exes to launch all applications of Technical Suite
- XVLStudio3D.svm  =  optional thing that was included (~800 MB) with its exes to launch it (see pic)
- update.svm  =  future minor build updates for 2018

►  Or you can also any file like plugins etc into 

"\Sandbox\CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2018\roaming\modified\@[email protected]\Corel\CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2018\"

folder, or similar others just like the installed version (appdata etc), and at next startup the portable will recognize your new files. coreldraw 2018 technical suite 2018 portable files



Version Download Links

Portable 2018 v20.1.0.707

XVL Studio 3D pack

archive password: thehouseofportable archive password


Click 'Thank You' to let me know if this program is important to you! It might get more updates 😎
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Salve, il programma è solo in inglese o c’è la possibilità di cambiare lingua? Perché nelle opzioni l’unica lingua selezionabile è l’inglese e non sapendo se ci sono i file di lingua aggiuntivi volevo avere una conferma. Grazie mille

Nana Rakam

Hi, Thanks for s/w. I can’t seem to find the password to unrar the files. The image beside achieve password is broken.

Nana Rakam

I could see the png from your link. Thanks. However, in the page the link shows broken, still. Thank you.
I could unrar, but the software is not starting. I am on windows 10 x64, the 2019 version however works. Needed a version that runs in windows 7, where 2019 version shows a missing dll, so I was trying this 2018 version.
All the best.

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