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toonboom harmony premium 15 portable

Your Animation, Any Style

The most powerful ever created for animation production.

Production Powerhouse

Used by top studios all over the world, Harmony lets you work and animate in any style. Harmony has all the you need for traditional paperless, cut-out and hybrid animation productions.

Accelerate Your Art

  • Ink, paint, rig and animate
  • Compositing and effects
  • All the you need to create your entire project in one tool

Sketch, Draw, and Paint

  • Bitmap and vector for creating art
  • Create any style with advanced that
    speed up production
  • Combine 3D imported models with for
    hybrid productions

Enhance the Look

  • Create multiplane scenes using Z-depth
  • Introduce occlusion and 3D camera moves
  • Animate in any style, apply effects and composite in 3D


Harmony Features


Revolutionary vector/bitmap drawing technology with unlimited artistic potential.

Palettes and Painting

Advanced colour palettes provide efficient control over texture and colour on every frame.

Traditional Paperless Animation

Access to a complete toolset for traditional frame-by-frame animation.

/3D Integration

Animate 3D models and their individual parts directly in Harmony for more creative control when integrating 3D elements with characters.

to Game Engine

Create animation for your game that is lightweight and compatible with game engines like Unity.

Effects and Compositing

Add special effects, camera angles and composite scenes seamlessly. Add volume and effects to characters with tones and highlights that can be animated.


Harmony is designed to integrate with other in a production pipeline. Import multilayer PSD and PSB files, Illustrator, PDF, bitmaps and audio.




Version Download Links

Portable 15.0.5


Setup 15.0.5

link and archive password: thehouseofportable link and archive password

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Hi, I couldn’t download any links above. Could you update the links again, please?


update to harmony 20 please?


Hi, Tnx for this. Is it possible to get the new version?


hello I unziped the rar archive and click to the appication inside the folder but it just shows the start screeo of Country boy and that but does’t open the app.
I alredy used the Official Free Trial weeks ago. may that would be the reason?


hello! i’m having a problem, program says it cannot connect to license server.

i did see a message when starting the server, saying that something related to Tonnboom was moved to the quarantine (maybe i should have disabled antivirus?) and i have no idea how to get it out.

any way to solve this? thanks!

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