Here’s how to help us (for free)

Hey guys.
Thank you for visiting this particular post!

Below there are some things that you can do if you want to help us.
No donations to make (if you’re in a must-donate-or-will-diesituation, you may want to donate, email us then), no premium accounts to buy, all is free for you.
They’re quite simple. You may already know them, or you may not.
But here they are.

1. Binbox. Do not subscribe.
We earn from binbox. It helps us going further on this. I know the captchas may be annoying – well, thay actually are – but you have to do them to help us. By subscribing to binbox, you don’t have captchas, but that means you won’t help us. Do NOT subscribe.

2. Ads. Click them.
You know those tricky download buttons that you see on every post – even this – over the picture and under the actual download thing? Yes, i don’t like them too. But they help us. So, you may click them.

Now you know!
Something more may come on my mind later. But for now..

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♥ If this portable works for you, come back and say thanks

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