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autodesk 3ds max 2020 portable

3D modeling, animation, and rendering software

3ds Max® 3D modeling and rendering software helps you create massive worlds in games, stunning scenes for design visualization, and engaging virtual reality experiences.

Easy, robust modeling

Create, shape, and define a range of environments and detailed characters.

High-end rendering

3ds Max works with most major renderers—including Arnold, V-Ray, and Iray—to help create striking scenes and visuals.

Efficient 3D animation

Build imaginative characters and realistic scenes for games, architecture, and product design.

Flexible interoperability

Revit, Inventor, and Fusion 360, as well as SketchUp, Unity, and Unreal, all work with 3ds Max.


3D animation and dynamics

3ds Max Fluids

Create realistic liquid behaviors directly in 3ds Max.

Motion Paths

Manipulate animations directly in the viewport and get direct feedback when making adjustments in your scene.

Character animation and rigging tools

Create procedural animation and character rigging with CAT, biped, and crowd animation tools.

General animation tools

Use keyframe and procedural animation tools. View and edit animation trajectories directly in the viewport.

Physical Camera

Simulate real-life camera settings such as shutter speed, aperture, depth of field, exposure, and other options.

What’s new


  • Create Animation Preview improvements
  • Chamfer modifier presets and save default settings
  • 14 new OSL shaders
  • Revit import new “Combine By” types
  • MAXtoA PFlow instance node
  • Copy+Pasted modifiers maintain their custom names
  • Validity intervals (animation is only calculated if there’s a change in object location)
  • Autobackup is more responsive to ESC request
  • Civil View textures update to render with Arnold
  • Change color of MAXScript listener window
  • 270+ 3rd party plugins launching around 3ds Max 2020
  • Public Roadmap


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This is a multi-package portable. I can add updates/plugins via .svm files, just request plugins or notify me about new updates.


2020 release:

- 3ds Max 2020 Portable.exe = main program and data file (3.38 GB) - materials.svm (contains folder /ProgramFilesCommonX86/Autodesk Shared/Materials (~1 GB)) - langs.svm + exes (195 MB) = includes some additional language files +exe file to launch 3ds in desired lang. Included: Br-pt, Fr, De, Jp, Ko-kr, Zh-cn. More by request. - 3ds20_vray4.svm = V-Ray Next 4.10.03 plugin for 2020 - additional packs present in 2019 to be made. Request if you need it

3dsmax 2020 portable files
2019.1.1 release: [show]


Sandbox folder: "\Sandbox\3ds Max 2020\roaming\modified\@[email protected]\Autodesk\3ds Max 2020\"


* All additional packages MAY be either required or optional for functionality of the software. I just found big folders that were included in the software and separated them from main package to reduce size. They are NOT separate plugins that were additionally/optionally installed, they were included in default installation. So they may or might be not needed, if something doesn't work just download them. I don't know how to use software, I just portabilize it for you guys. :)



Version Format Size ? Download ?

2020 release [Mar.31, 2019]

Autodesk 3ds Max



3.38 GB



.svm pack

~1 GB



.svm +exes

195 MB

V-Ray Next

[2 April 2019]


1.2 GB

Laubwerk Plants Kit

1.0.33 for 2019-2021
[16 June 2020]

.svm file

558 MB

2019.1.1 release [Aug.01, 2018]

Version Download Links

Portable 2019.1.1 (activated)

additional package files:

Inventor Server
Revit Steel Connection
Revit Interoperability
archive password: archive password:

Click 'Thank You' to let me know if this program is important to you! It might get more updates 😎
And if the portable works for you, remember to come back and leave a positive comment! 💖

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Hey, I don’t understand why the 5 parts of the program are exactly the same.. IS that a bug ? I downloaded it with mediafire links. So when I try to launch the software, a bunch of dll are missing.. 🙁


Okay, so I think there is a probleme with mediafire links, they all download the same parts..


Okay, but mediafire links have a problem : Every part link will download the first part


Yeah, there are 5 links but they all download the same thing

serge naud

Do, Druide Antidote 10 seem to work well BRAVO and thanks….

serge naud

So, the DL are 5 X 258 megs….. that dosen’t do 3.3 Gigs….. do you realize that around 10 others DL is missing ?????
There’s really to much portable soft that who made portable that are really not important…… You really should concentrate to made less, but just a view and well working…. like Office 2019 as a exemple…. It hard to me to tell you that you are doing a good job….

serge naud

Hi… 5 files of 258 megs = 1, 3 gigs and you indicated 3.3 gigs for this main program 3DS max…. ?????????????????? There is something wrong isn’t-it…… ?


Any chance for maxtoblender addon/plugin with this pack? It is an addon which one can use to convert 3dsmax vray models into blender with materials.

Kumar Dhamodharan

Hi, i downloaded the below files, – 4,165 kb – 4,165 kb – 4,165 kb – 4,165 kb
it is not as per the sizes which u had given, please help….


How to install plugins?


please upload vcredist_dll .rar on other server i am not able to download this file


Hello, The two additional .exe files “MaxFind” and “Change Graphics Mode” are flagged by Malwarebytes as Generic.Malware/Suspicious. I’m sure portable programs have their fair share of false positives – and the Generic.Malware/Suspicious does imply that Malwarebytes isn’t entirely sure if it’s good or bad, but when the two files were uploaded onto VirusTotal up to 13 other engines detected both files. When you look at some of the behavior of the two, why do they both feel the need to access the Safe Mode boot option registry key in Windows? If this key is edited or deleted, users can lose… Read more »


help me, I got error. see this image


HI, I’m using Windows 10. When i run .exe program , there is a error appears: The application was unable to load a required component: msvcp140.dll. Could you please help?

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