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clo 3d 4 portable


Revolutionize your design process with true-to-life 3D garment simulation.
Get faster, increase accuracy, shorten your calendar, and expand your design capability.


Instantly visualize any number of variations, no matter how eccentric or experimental they may be after all,
that’s the beauty of Save As and Ctrl+Z.


  • ㆍConfigurator
  • ㆍModular Template Files
  • ㆍSewing Blocks
  • ㆍEdit Block Components


  • ㆍReal Time Sync/Simulation
  • ㆍReal Time Garment Move
  • ㆍHigh-Definition Garment
  • ㆍPattern Layer
  • ㆍPattern Sublayer
  • ㆍSewing Layer
  • ㆍFold Pattern
  • ㆍFold Seam Lines


  • ㆍ3D Line on Pattern
  • ㆍCut 3D Pattern
  • ㆍFlattening
  • ㆍSelect Single/Multi Meshes
  • ㆍSingle/Multi Pins
  • ㆍFreeze/Deactivate
  • ㆍStrengthen
  • ㆍGlue Trim/OBJ


  • ㆍGizmo
  • ㆍArrangement Point
  • ㆍDirect Positioning
  • ㆍFold Arrangement
  • ㆍArrange as Flat/Curved
  • ㆍFlip Patterns
  • ㆍSuperimpose
  • ㆍSmart Arrangement


  • ㆍFabric Kit
  • ㆍEmulator
  • ㆍImage Open/Save
  • ㆍEdit Color Swatch
  • ㆍPhysical Properties
  • ㆍNonlinear Simulation
  • ㆍSet Fabric Thickness


  • ㆍHigh Quality Render
  • ㆍSingle/Multi Images
  • ㆍTurntable Images
  • ㆍTurntable Video
  • ㆍLight Properties
  • ㆍRender Properties


  • ㆍGizmo Settings
  • ㆍSetting Light
  • ㆍSetting Wind Effect
  • ㆍCamera Settings
  • ㆍSetting Custom View
  • ㆍSetting Ground
  • ㆍFormat 3D Background
  • ㆍSimulation Properties

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Note: The portable just works, you just have to BLOCK IT WITH YOUR FIREWALL, it must not access internet. If you run it by mistake, won't work, but don't worry, nothing is lost for now, just delete the folder that got created near the exe, it will be like new. Then block it with your firewall and run it again.
Portable magic :)
Ps. Maybe it also works without firewall, by setting proxy to at login screen, try that at your own risk :)

You can easily change language to your favorite one!
Open App and hit Settings -> Language. Yep that easy!
Included: English, Italiano, Spanish, French, Portugues, Russian, Turkish, and more see below :D
clo portable multilanguage



Download CLO 4 Portable:


> Download NEW version: CLO Standalone 4.2 Portable
> Also get Marvelous Designer Portable


Click 'Thank You' to let me know if this program is important to you! It might get more updates 😎
And if the portable works for you, remember to come back and leave a positive comment! 💖

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