PreSonus Studio One Pro 3.2 Portable

presonus studio one pro 3 portable

The Next Standard

Instantly familiar—yet nothing feels like it. Studio One® 3 contains everything you’d expect from a modern digital audio powerhouse. Once you touch its fast, flow-oriented, drag-and-drop interface, you’ll realize Studio One® 3 was built by creative people for creative music production.

At every step of the musical process, you’ll spend your time creating music instead of fighting a bloated interface. And the sound quality? Well, simply put, it’s unparalleled. In fact, the most common comments from musicians, producers and engineers who have switched to Studio One are “I can just get things done faster” and “Studio One just sounds better.” Let’s find out why.

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15 thoughts on “PreSonus Studio One Pro 3.2 Portable

  1. Thank you so much for this release and for all the hard work you do.
    Unfortunately I can’t get a valid archive, I have downloaded from both hosts and doesn’t seem to work.


    1. I’m sorry for your problem 🙁 what do you mean with “a valid archive”? If you get some error like archive corrupted or damaged, just make sure you use WinRAR latest version (I have it portable) and it will do the magic 😉

  2. Good morning and happy new year!
    What is the password for “activate” archive;
    Thank you for all your work

    1. No password needed for this archive!
      If it’s needed, I write it on the post 🙂
      Make sure you’re using the latest version of WinRAR to extract archives, and not other programs 😉

  3. Unfortunately there is a password required… when i type in nothing and click ok it displays an error that the pw is incorrect. pls help!

    1. I tried it 3 times or more. And now i tried it one more time. Even with winrar 5+ it doesn’t work… I have installed winrar 5.4

      Thanks in advance!

    1. Yes sorry, my portables are usually completely offline (unless internet is really needed like for idm) to preserve security and activation. You can add manually updates/plugins/presets/samples files into the /Sandbox/Presonus…/roaming/modified/ folder just like normal ProgramFiles folder and at next startup it will detect them 🙂

  4. there is a .rar file, “activation” asks me for a password, what is it? D: thank you, thank you for the contr ..

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