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How much can you earn from Neobux per day? Well, A LOT, really! It just takes some time, but daily work to do is just a couple of minutes. Read the full guide to understand at best how simple that is.

THE GUIDE (written by me, THOP admin)

Hello! Thanks for being interested in Neobux, it’s a good way to make some extra money. With some patience, “some” can become “a lot of” extra money! Sorry if this guide is quite long, just take some time to fully understand how to make the most out of Neobux.
Like every business it’s necessary either TIME or MONEY. If you don’t wish to invest, (like me) Neobux gives you the opportunity to make much money without giving them a penny, it just takes some time.At the start earning will be very small. It’s normal. You must remain concentrated, continue working, follow the method and the results will come, this is guaranteed.What you need: your gmail account and a PayPal account to receive payments. Payments are immediate and you just have to reach 2$ to get them.

1 about Neobux

How to make 1200$ monthly? Using Neobux. It’s been 9 years since Neobux has started offering this service, and after all this time we can say it’s totally reliable. It’s the number one PayToClick website out there.

2 what to do daily

You just have to click the proposed ads. It will just take a couple of minutes each day. After registering to the website, go to View Advertisements and click all of them one at a time. This is like a real work: if you don’t do the job you don’t get paid.
Note: there’s also a browser extension to let you know when an ad is available.
!! Note: THE MOST IMPORTANT ADS to click are those 4 yellow “fixed” ads. They’re the same every day and they get you most of the points (although same $$). If one day you don’t have much time to work, make sure to click those 4 at least! It just takes 20 seconds.

3 the goal

Your first goal is to reach 60 cents. It will take a while as you make few cents per day with ads, but after reaching 0.60$ your reward will INCREASE. How? Well, with 60 cents you can buy your first 3 RENTED REFERRALS.

4 Rented Referrals 

RR are normal users like you that subscribed to Neobux and automatically became your referrals, so you can earn from them!
They can get you 4 cents each day each one! So after buying your first three, you can get 12 cents daily. RR cost 20 cents each one, and they last for 1 month. You can extend their period of referral for 10 cents (15 days), for longer periods there’s a discount, for example for 30 days it costs 19 cents (not 20), for even longer periods the discount increases.

5 Strategy! 

If you see that one of your referral is a good one, that clicks ads every day and makes you earn a lot, you can extend its period to earn even more. If you trust in him, you can extend its period for more than 15 days at a discounted price. It’s your strategy! Anyway Neobux gives you a lot of tools to manage RR and see how they’re performing, then it’s your choice to keep some rr and leave some others… 😉

6 Future 

When you rent your first 3 referrals you can earn 12 cents daily. After a week you will be able to rent another 3 RR, and earn 24 cents daily. The week after you will have earned enough to buy even 5 RR, and earn 44 cents daily! You see how this increases? After 4 weeks from your first RR, you will be able to rent 10 RR and earn 84 cents daily. And so on…
Continue to click ads and rent referrals until you reach 300 RR. When you get to there, stop renting and save your money until you reach 90$, with them you can become a Golden Member, which doubles all the earnings!
Standard member with 300RR: 6$ daily
Golden member with 300RR: 12$ daily
Once you become a Golden member just continue to earn big and rent, until you get to 2000RR (at this state it will be fast, earning will increase to 300$ monthly) and once you get to 2000 RR you will be able to earn 80$ daily. And it goes on!


Join this journey! It’s so easy 🙂

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