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cydia impactor

Making IPA and APK installation on iOS and Android devices easy.

Cydia Impactor is individually developed GUI tool allowing users to install apps outside of official app stores. That being said, Android and iOS users will be able to install .apk and .ipa files easily.

Cydia Impactor features

Cydia Impactor is still in development mode but features it integrates are more that what we can expect from a GUI tool though.

  1. Unlocking Bootloader

Say goodbye to those command lines or separate apps for unlocking bootloaders on Android devices. Within a single click, you can unlock your bootloaders easily. 

  1. Rooting Android Device

Rooting your device has really become easy with the help of Cydia Impactor. Install USB drivers, click on root, let it do the magic and sit back relax!

  1. Installing USB Drivers

Installing ADB drivers requires your phone to be equipped with native smartphone’s USB drivers. Thanks to Cydia Impactor making it easy like it was never before.

  1. Installing Third-Party Applications

Installing third-party APK or IPA which aren’t the part of official Google Play or App Store is now a kid thing. Get your app files ready and just click on install.

  1. Secure and Simple UI

Cydia Impactor is completely safe to use. It doesn’t store your Apple credentials that it asks while signing apps’ files. Easy-to-use interface makes it super useful.

Having troubles or errors while using Cydia Impactor? Here your one stop solution to look for:



- Cydia Impactor


- AdbWinApi.dll - AdbWinUsbApi.dll - Impactor.dat - Impactor.dll - Impactor.exe - Impactor.pem - WinSparkle.dll


  • Latest iTunes
  • APK/IPA files
  • Android/iOS device



Version Size License Download

Cydia Impactor

[04 June 2019]

18.60 MB



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This sounds great if can be used without a JB on our devices.

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