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inventor professional 2019 portable

software for development

® 3D CAD software offers -grade 3D mechanical design, documentation, and product simulation tools.

flexibility – Choose the way you design, with various modeling options.

AnyCAD data – Work with data from any 3D CAD system and maintain an associative link.

– Set up your product configurator without writing complex code.

Parametric modeling – Focus your efforts on designing, not the interface.

Mechanical design and 3D CAD software

Use Inventor® 3D CAD modeling software for product and mechanical design. Learn about the Inventor modeling, design, simulation, and rendering features.

Shape Generator

Create and evaluate high-performing design options in minutes.


Quickly create clear, accurate, detailed drawings.

3D PDF export

Create 3D documentation rich in visual and product information that anyone can view.

Work with non-native data

Maintain an associative link to non-native CAD data.

Flexible modeling

Use the right modeling tool for every job with parametric, freeform, and direct modeling tools.


Access tools specifically created to help prepare your 3D models for use in BIM systems.

Printed circuit board interoperability

Integrate your electronics and mechanical designs into a single, complete definition of your product.

Cloud-based 3D design reviews

Share lightweight versions of your 3D designs in the cloud.

What’s new in Inventor Pro

  • Productivity enhancements

    Become more productive with the new hole command and many other part modeling enhancements.

  • Top Inventor Ideas

    With your help from Inventor Ideas, the Inventor experience is updated and improved every release.

  • Improved performance

    Improvements include faster graphics interaction and faster open time for large files, speeding up the design process.

  • enhancements

    Configure your products more easily with new assembly functions and autocomplete in the rules editor.

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New way of doing portables: separate .svm packages
-useful for plugins & so: reduces main exe size that contains only the program, then you can download the plugin package only if you want it!
-ability for me to release a small program update through these separate files, without having to make the whole thing form scratch for each update.
→ More updated portables and less unnecessary size!

This  release includes:
[ REQUIRED ] main package (~6.7 Gb): 
  - 18 exe files, including main  Inventor Professional 2019.exe
  - inventor.dat (connection between exes and .svm main data file)
  - inventor.svm (main core data file)
[ OPTIONAL* ] total ~8Gb
- language.svm + exe
(at time of first uploading Italian language available, you can request more)
- libraries.svm
(contains folder /AppDataCommon/Autodesk/Inventor 2019/Content Center/Libraries (4.7Gb))
- .svm (contains folders:
             /AppDataCommon/Autodesk/Autodesk ReCap
             /Program Files/Autodesk/Autodesk ReCap
             /Program Files/Autodesk/Autodesk ReCap Photo   
           total ~1.2Gb)
- revit_interop.svm
(contains folder /ProgramFiles/Common/Autodesk Shared/Revit Interoperability for Inventor 2019 (1.0Gb))
- trueview.svm
(contains folder /ProgramFiles/Autodesk/DWG TrueView 2018 - English (~1gb))
- videos.svm
(contains folder /DocumentsCommon/Autodesk/.desktop-connect/.docstore/guided-tutorial-plugin, some webm video tutorials that might be plaayable through inventor)
- update.svm (future updates)
inventor professional 2019 portable files
► more plugins can be added later by request, or simply add them to "\Sandbox\Autodesk Inventor 2019\roaming\modified\@[email protected]\Autodesk\Inventor 2019\Bin\" folder, or similar others (appdata etc), just like the installed version, and at next startup the portable will recognize your new files.

* All these packages MAY be either required or optional for functionality of the software. I just found heavy folders (1 Gb or more) that were in the portable and separated them from main package so you may reduce size, as total size would have been 15 Gb. They are NOT separate plugins that were additionally/optionally installed, they were included in default installation. So they may or might be not needed, if something don't work just download them.
I don't know how to use software, I just portabilize it for you guys. :)

Here's a map of global folder installation , I just separated big folders found from here.inventor pro 2019 portable folder structure



Version Format Download

Inventor Pro

[July 26, 2018]



[Nov. 13, 2018]

.svm package

additional package files:

SAME files as previous legit 2019.0 version! Don’t have to download again 🙂


for 2019

.svm package


for 2019

.svm package
+ .exe launchers

Revit Interoperability

for 2019

.svm package

DWG TrueView

for 2019

.svm package


for 2019

.svm package


for 2019

.svm package
+ .exe launcher

archive password: thehouseofportable archive password

Click 'Thank You' to let me know if this program is important to you! It might get more updates 😎
And if the portable works for you, remember to come back and leave a positive comment! 💖

No files are hosted or transmitted by this server. No copyright infringement or violation of intellectual property intended. All the content reported in this post is just a copy-paste of what can be easily found on the original website of the original software maker, that is the one found by clicking on 'Read more'. That website and the relative company owns any intellectual property here included.
By continuing with any file download, the user agrees to have read and understood the Disclaimer page and to be okay with it - as also stated in the cookie bar at the bottom of every page - agreeing to delete any file downloaded from this post within 24 hours from the first run, as it's intended to be for evaluation purposes only, no different from the official Trial given by the owner, but just in an easy 1-click format without installation hassles.

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Hello, can You prepare the Polish package


Quel est le mot de passe à donner pour extraire les fichiers ?
Merci d’avance


Hello. First of all, thank you for all the work that you have made. I have some troubles with this portable, I’ve made all the this that the video said to make work the portable, the video and the comments of that one. The three solutions but neither works. I didn’t have problem with almost of the portables but with the others work the setup so no problem. But with this, it didn’t open at all. I update W10 to 1909 if it works but it didn’t. I repeat all the solutions of the video again with the update and… Read more »


Hi! First of all thanks for doing this. After I tried everything in the FAQ, youtube video I cannot open the app. The same problem with the splash. I have updates W10 with the latest version, used the sharing options and all the instructions in the video. Do you know what else I can try? Thanks a lot!


hey bro thanks for your work !
I downloaded Inventor PORTABLE, but isn’t working (it seems)…
Yeah l looked FAQ and note, but when I launch the main program I just have a windows “House of Portable” and nothing…
I’ll try to install the update, we’ll see.
I’m on Win10, and Solidworks works perfectly, so I don’t know actually…

Mr. Unbeliveble

Nope, not working. I did it exact the same way as the yt video. nothing worked. Just thop screen and shortly the blue loading circle. Installed also the update. newest windows 10 update installed 1903


lang_ita off line


Please help. I tried the fix in the video but it still won’t start after the splash screen.
After I start the program, I noticed that inventor.dat, inventor.exe, and FNPLicensingService64.exe run for a little while in the task manager then disappear.


I tried it on two of my PCs and they both behave the same way. One is 1903 and the other is 1909.


Yes I tried it on both of them. From an external usb harddrive, by sharing the folder and accessing it from the network folder, and I even connected the external HD to my router as a NAS and tried to run it just in case and it never worked.
I never installed any autodesk products on any of those computers so there’s no licensing existing.

Are you sure that it works?


I forgot to add that when I open the program before the sandbox folder is created a pop up asking to allow mitsijim.exe through the firewall and I tried both allowing it and not allowing it and nothing changes.


Hi! Can you upload the Update .svm package in another storage host? Dropapk & Turbobit doesn´t working well. Thanks!


Hi again, please how can I download language .svm package? I recive a message “This link is encrypted with a password. Attempting to decrypt…”
Thanks in advance.


I am really sorry but the file does not exist anymore “Spanish: mancanzadiidee19_lang_esp.rar” file not found.
Also there are several programs from you that I can run in windows 10 but this time I can not run Revit and also Inventor.

Thank you Master.


Thank you again.


All the links just take me to PDF software downloads or googleadservice. Why can’t this be straightforward. If I click the .rar link my computer says ‘this is a virus’. Can’t you just supply a link to download this? What is the big issue with that? I don’t need PDF anything, I already have more adobe than I need.

The House Of Sorrow

Hello, thanks for the upload but I’m having a problem after i run Inventor Professional 2019. The error says “adappmgrsvc.exe has stopped working”. No such a thing in faq. Win 7 64bit here, I also have working Inventor 2016 installed on PC, maybe both interfere with each other, idk. I need 2019 to get 3dpdf export, help.


Hi thanks for your efforts to bring this to us,but im having a problem after i run Autodesk Inventor Professional 2019.exe splahs screen showing up and nothing happens.Operating System Win10


I tried the FAQ fix but it still didn’t work, just splash screen.

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