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autodesk revit 2020 portable

Built for Building Information Modeling

Revit® BIM software includes features for architectural design, MEP and structural engineering, and construction. Revit supports a multidiscipline, collaborative design process.

Tools for architects

Take an idea from conceptual design to construction documentation within a single software environment. Optimize building performance and create stunning visualizations.

Tools for structural engineers

Use tools specific to structural design to create intelligent structure models in coordination with other building components. Evaluate how well they conform to building and safety regulations.

Tools for MEP engineers

Design MEP building systems with greater accuracy and in better coordination with architectural and structural components, using the coordinated and consistent information in the intelligent model.

Tools for construction professionals

Evaluate constructability and design intent before construction begins. Gain a better understanding of the means, methods, and materials, and how they all come together.

Why Revit?


Model building components, analyze and simulate systems and structures, and iterate designs. Generate documentation from Revit models.


Work with members of an extended project team. Revit imports, exports, and links your data with commonly used formats, including IFC, DWG™, and DGN.


Multiple project contributors can access centrally shared models. This results in better coordination, which helps reduce clashes and rework.


Communicate design intent more effectively to project owners and team members by using models to create high-impact 3D visuals.

See features

This is a multi-package portable.
I can add updates/plugins via .svm files, just request plugins or notify me about new updates.



- Autodesk Revit 2020 Portable.exe = main program launcher - *.exe = additional launchers for other apps/languages (see pic) - Revit20.svm = main data file - MaterialLibrary2020.svm = shared Autodesk library with additional materials

autodesk revit 2020 portable files


Sandbox folder: "\Sandbox\Autodesk Revit 2020\roaming\modified\@[email protected]\Autodesk\Revit 2020\..."


Multilanguage version! All available languages included. Use specific launcher to run Revit with desired language (see pic). This launcher links to main exe launcher, which can be online or offline (rename as needed). Read more in included txt files. Available: English (main launcher), Italiano, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese-BR, Russian, Spanish, Chinese x2.

Portable features:

  • No installation required
  • No Admin rights needed
  • Included Activated+Legit versions
  • Included online+offline versions
  • Sandbox folder containing modified settings, delete to reset ;)
  • Just run it and enjoy!

About versions:

Online/Offline: two launchers are included, all works in both versions. Default launcher is offline, all other launchers link to it so other apps will run offline by default. To run other apps/langs online, rename the main launcher to the detected name. Read more in included txt. Activated+Legit: you can use Revit either online by logging in with your account and use your license or start a 30d trial, OR use it on/off (works anyway) and apply permanent activation with included instructions. All in one! :)



Version Format Size ? Download ?

Portable releases


Autodesk Revit 2020.2
[02 December 2019]
Portable 9.4 GB
Material Library 2020 .svm 2.1 GB

Enscape Plugin

3.1 for 2018-2022
[10 October 2021]

Show older versions


213 MB

2.7.0 for 2018-2021
[19 April 2020]


177 MB
for 2018-2020
[02 January 2020]
.svm 177 MB
for 2019
[09 June 2019]
.svm 280 MB
for 2019
[02 December 2018]
.svm 320 MB


Autodesk Revit 2019.0.1
[02 July 2018]
Portable 6.5 GB
Autodesk Revit 2019.0.1
[02 July 2018]
Portable 6.5 GB
Revit Libraries 2019 .svm 2.4 GB
Revit Materials 2019 .svm 2.1 GB
archive password: archive password:

Setup releases

Autodesk Revit 2020.2
[02 December 2019]
Setup 13 GB Setup 2020.0:

Update + act:

Enscape Plugin

3.1 for 2015-2022
[10 October 2021]

Show older versions


98 MB

2.7.0 for 2018-2021
[19 April 2020]


80 MB
for 2015-2020
[02 January 2020]
Setup 80 MB

Click 'Thank You' to let me know if this program is important to you! It might get more updates 😎
And if the portable works for you, remember to come back and leave a positive comment! 💖

No files are hosted or transmitted by this server. No copyright infringement or violation of intellectual property intended. All the content reported in this post is just a copy-paste of what can be easily found on the original website of the original software maker, that is the one found by clicking on 'Read more'. That website and the relative company owns any intellectual property here included.
By continuing with any file download, the user agrees to have read and understood the Disclaimer page and to be okay with it - as also stated in the cookie bar at the bottom of every page - agreeing to delete any file downloaded from this post within 24 hours from the first run, as it's intended to be for evaluation purposes only, no different from the official Trial given by the owner, but just in an easy 1-click format without installation hassles.

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I managed to do it!
Thank you very much!


This is the splash screen I get when I click on Autodesk Revit 2020 Portable.exe file. Then, when I click on Multi-user I get a message to specify a license server. ANd then I have to enter server name running the Network License Manager and I don’t know what to write. ANd then I get stuck. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Revit 2020.JPG

i coudnt download the revit file, after multiple attempts


Hello, thank you for a job well done. Is it possible to activate without administrator rights ?

Daniel Rodriguez

Hi, Thank you very much for the job!! I have a little problem… I have all run ok, but if I want run in other language don’t work fine, it run all, but it close finally. Can you help me??


ciao che differenza c”e tra la versione 2019.0.1 activated e quella legit?
io ho windows 7 , dovrebbe funzionare vero? perche ho provato a scaricare la versine prova 2022 ma ho visto dopo che ci vuole window 10
grazie di tutto


Grazie .. lo so ma purtroppo il pc non è il mio.. infatti sono molto limitata nel lavoro .. in ogni caso mi unisco al commento dopo il mio, anche io ho provato a avviarlo con una lingua differente ma non sembra funzionare , funziona solo in inglese


To much ads, to lazy do bypass i wil find another site to dowload bye bye


Mine cant start and need your help please
he said problem about sand box

Võ Minh Khúc

I have an issue too. In folder i had downloaded have 2 file: Autodesk Revit 2020 Portable and Autodesk Revit 2020 Portable (online). But when i click to Autodesk Revit 2020 Portable.exe it request me to active. Can you help me please.

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