Clip Studio Paint EX 1.7.3 Portable (+Setup)(Manga Studio)

clip studio paint ex 1.7.3 portable

The Artist’s Complete Tool for Drawing & Painting

World-class graphic software from Japan

Pen/brush tool with which you can comfortably draw a Manga

It reproduces a natural, real touch like drawing on a piece of paper with a pencil or pen.

Any kinds of expressions are possible

Various brushes realize any sort of expressions such as watercolor, oil painting, pencil and pastel. This is recommended to users who cannot be satisfied with drawing tastes and performances of other paint software.

Powerful performance

It supports the most recent 64 bits OS of Mac/Windows and multicore CPUs and can comfortably handle huge files with many layers and high resolution.

Extended features for manga drawing

You can conduct all the processes of manga drawing on PC, ranging from storyboard, draft, frame cut, inking, tone, background / effect to lettering.

The [Saturated Line] and [Stream Line] sub tools, exclusively for drawing effective lines, will automatically generate complex effective lines. Hand drawing with special rulers will realize more meticulous expressions with pen touch.

You can convert 3D model and 2D image data into very manga-like expressions with outline and posterization of tone. Digital data can be applied to manga in a progressive way.
You can convert “outline” and “tone” into a different layer by executing “LT conversion of layer”, thus it will be easy to add correction to drawing lines, change tone setting, and make modification such as trimming to enhance the quality.

By proceeding [Fanzine printing data], you can export in batch image file of each page and text file describing specification and message for printing place and create correct printing data.
Furthermore, you can check layout of work for printing such as cover page, back cover page and main text and information of each with [Show binding list], and confirm binding status with [3D Preview for Binding].

Supports various workflow activities such as reading from a scanner and drawing a work for printing

It addresses different workflow activities like reading a hand-drawn original from a scanner and drawing a work for printing.

Easily works with Photoshop and other softwares such as Paint Tool SAI

It supports the input and output of image files in a generic format including Photoshop format and can be smoothly federated with other software.
It can also import storyboard(name) files created using the storyboard creation software called “Manga Canvas” preinstalled in Wacom “Cintiq Companion Hybrid.”

Export in Kindle, ePub format (Only EX version)

Work made with CLIP STUDIO PAINT can be exported to Kindle and ePub format.

Adds colors quickly and beautifully

Completed with an easy-to-use painting tool to paint efficient and beautiful.

Generates a color as you desire

There are palettes for finding a color that fits your image, in addition to the color set palette, color circle and color slider.

Many rulers that supports elaborative illustration

This is equipped with various rulers, enabling to draw by leveraging a brush touch.

3D drawing dolls, which allows you to freely transform the ratio of total height to length of the head and the body shape.

If you add a pose to a 3D drawing doll, you can use it as a design for authoring.

Create animation!

You can now make animation and moving illustrations in CLIP STUDIO PAINT. When you’re done, you can export your work as a movie, an animated GIF or a series of still images. You can make a short animation or moving illustration up to 24 frames long in PAINT PRO and DEBUT, or create a full animation in EX.

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New way of doing portables: separate .svm packages 
-useful for plugins & so: reduces main exe size that contains only the program, then you can download the plugin package only if you want it! 
-ability for me to release a small program update through these separate files, without having to make the whole thing form scratch for each update. 
→ More updated portables and less unnecessary size! 

This portable release includes: 
- main package (~480 Mb): 1 data file (.svm) + 4 exe files (read below!)
 - materials pack (~850 Mb): official addons, extract and follow instructions. Works for both portable and install version

clip studio paint ex 1.7.3 portable files
► you can delete any exe you don't use and rename exe as you want. Just don't rename .svm file. ► more plugins can be added later by request, imported directly from program, or just add them to "\Sandbox\CLIP STUDIO PAINT 1.5.4\roaming\modified\@PROGRAMFILES@\CELSYS\CLIP STUDIO 1.5 EN\CLIP STUDIO PAINT\" folder and similar, like the installed version, and at next startup the portable will recognize your new files.
► "Clip Studio" launches main managing app or whatever it is, you can also launch Paint from it
 -"Clip Studio Paint" directly launches the drawing app
► ONLINE&OFFLINE: That might sound new, but this portable MAY work online (at least partially). Don't know how to use the program but I think Paint Studio is pointless offline, might be useful online to download free materials and stuff or to login. So I made both versions to give more possibility to my users. You can always use the program 100% offline by running only offline exes. MORE INFO in release note, important! Read it!

► if something goes wrong, settings messed up etc, you can revert portable to 'factory' like it's just downloaded: just delete Sandbox folder!
► always read release note! IMPORTANT



Download Clip Studio Paint EX 1.7.3 Portable:


Download install version 1.7.3:


Download Materials Pack:


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18 thoughts on “Clip Studio Paint EX 1.7.3 Portable (+Setup)(Manga Studio)

  1. Ciao, non ho capito molto del procedimento per usarlo. Nelle note parla di un generatore di chiavi, ma nel pacchetto non c’è. Ho sbaglaito qualcosa?

    1. Eccomi, intanto grazie per questi lavori che ci offri.
      Ho fatto come dici: ho disabilitato l’AV e aperto il .rar (con win rar) e poi la cartella zip, ma il key g. non c’è.
      I file che ho trovato sono:
      Clip Studio 1.7.3 Portable (Offline).exe
      Clip Studio 1.7.3 Portable (Onine).exe
      Clip Studio Paint 1.7.3 Portable (Offline).exe
      Clip Studio Paint 1.7.3 Portable (Onine).exe
      release note + activaction.txt

      ho sbagliato qualcosa?

    2. Scusa mi sono reso conto ora, in effetti anche io non ce l’ho più, non so se è stato cancellato mentre facevo l’archivio o cosa.. prova a scaricare la versione setup, porta pazienza, lì dentro è presente 🙂

  2. the archive only contains the four clip studio paint .exe, the .svm file, and two .txt files. No keygen.exe.

  3. made a fresh windows 10 install, disabled windows defender and whatever av imaginable lurking in the background.
    still no keygen.exe

    1. Sorry, I can’t find it too now, not sure if it got deleted while making archives or what, try downloading the setup version, I see there it’s present, sorry for troubles

  4. There are so many download link, do I have to download them all?

    I am reallll noob when it comes to downloading etc, so… :S

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