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tekla structures 2017i sp1 portable

Tekla Structures BIM software

Models created with Tekla BIM software carry the accurate, reliable and detailed information needed for successful Building Information Modeling and construction execution. Welcome smoother workflow to your company with Tekla Structures and constructable models.

Tekla works with all materials and the most complex structures – you set the limits. Our customers have used Tekla Structures to model stadiums, offshore structures, plants and factories, residential buildings, bridges and skyscrapers.

The new software version arrives with improvements and fixes – be it drawings, collaboration, or modeling complex geometries or reinforcement.

Create more complete drawings faster and take advantage of the benefits of the enhanced Layout and Template editorsDWG export functionality and Drawing snapshots.

The new Spiral Beam makes modeling structures such as spiral shaped stairs quick and easy, regardless of the material. Working with steel bent plates is now easier than ever. Precast concrete Floor and Wall Layout and the flexible, intelligent method for modeling and modifying reinforcement have been improved.

Tekla Structures 2017 includes a customizable user interface, contextual toolbar and enhancements that make modeling quicker and easier and design communication more effective. New links improve interoperability.

There is now more control to Direct modificationOrganizer is faster and general arrangement and detailed drawings functionalities have been improved.

The user interface now has a customizable ribbon and contextual toolbar that can be implemented to all users in your company. Result: Optimized UI speeds up modelling for everyone. Also the 3D graphics have a new look with shadows.

Tekla Structures 2017i

More complete drawings faster

In drawing setup and layout, what you see is now what you get, which makes generating more reliable drawings from your constructible 3D model quicker and easier.

Enhanced Template editor

Template Editor enables powerful, clear and customizable reporting and scheduling. Create efficiently more reliable schedules and reports with exact quantities, using the format that best suits your business standards and looks professional. What you see on the drawing and on the schedule match 100%, and there is no need for Excel or exporting and re-importing.

Improved DWG export

With the enhanced DWG export functionality, you can create AutoCAD drawings fast. Utilize the accuracy of Tekla models to create AutoCAD files that follow industry requirements and standards for layers, colors and linetypes. Model curves in steel and concrete quickly, show it in drawings, and then easily update the model and drawing as the design changes.

New Spiral beam

The all new Spiral beam lets you model with ease spiral stringers, handrails, ramps, stairs and more. The spiral beam maintains a constant up direction for the profile and provides accurate, constructible geometry. With the property pane, it is easy to check and set properties for multiple spiral beams at once. It provides clear visualization of your changes and shows if the properties vary between the selected spiral beams.

Precast concrete: Enhanced Floor and Wall Layout tools

Floor and Wall Layout tools are now at hand in the Ribbon menu and easier to use, too. Direct preview in Floor Layout makes modeling easier and prevents misplacements of panels. You can move and copy both floor and wall openings by dragging and dropping.

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Multi-language version: includes all available languages.
 tekla structures 2017i sp1 portable multilanguage
English, Nederlands, German, Italiano, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Cestina, Portuguese, Portuguese-BR, Magyar, Polski, Russian, French.
Change it in Preferences.


New way of doing portables: separate .svm packages
-useful for plugins & so: reduces main exe size that contains only the program, then you can download the plugin package only if you want it!
-ability for me to release a small program update through these separate files, without having to make the whole thing form scratch for each update.
--> More updated portables and less unnecessary size!

This release includes:
- main package (2.6 Gb): 1 exe file "Tekla Structures 2017i SP1 Portable.exe"
- all languages listed above
-> more plugins can be added later by request, or simply add them to "\Sandbox\Tekla Structures 2017.1.10938.0\roaming\modified\@[email protected]\Tekla Structures\2017i\nt\bin\" folder and similar, just like the installed version, and at next startup the portable will recognize your new files.

→ Online version: full network enabled, download this to use login&cloud features.
→ Offline version: 100% offline, proxied internally to, can't see internet at all.



Download Online version:



Download Offline version:


link password: link password: thehouseofportable.com


Click 'Thank You' to let me know if this program is important to you! It might get more updates 😎
And if the portable works for you, remember to come back and leave a positive comment! 💖

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where can i find the Package files (.svm files) please.
link needed please

thanks for the efforts


Thanks… Have you the 2020 ?


I dowloaded both online and offline version of Tekla, but unluckly both of it doesnt work with me


Like I said before…..awesome work and please keep up going!!!
If you have the offline version it will be great too, having more options is always better 😉

Tried the online version and it works great, don’t worry guys it takes some time to lunch the software.

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