The Floor is Jelly Portable

Who hasn’t dreamt, at some point, of filling a pool full of jello and swimming in it? In some of us, that dream never died. Some of us kept dreaming: what if the whole street was jello? Or the continent? The world!? The Floor is Jelly posits a universe made of jello, made purely for one’s own amusement. No longer need we look to our walls and our floors and sigh, “How solid! How sadly immalleable! How I wish for a world consisting only of Non-Newtonian fluids!” That world has arrived, via the dark magic of videogames, as The Floor is Jelly.

“A pure, complete, and thoroughly executed idea — reaching some of the same space-time continuum-melting heights of Braid or Fez.” -KILLSCREEN
“Impeccably crafted and almost absurdly polished.” -INDIE STATIK
“The world is alive. It’s two years of love and effort in the making, and it shows in every moment.” -INDIE GAME MAG
A game by IAN SNYDER, with sound by DISASTERPEACE.





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4 thoughts on “The Floor is Jelly Portable

  1. Ho provato a scaricarlo ma purtroppo non c’é, mi appare “We’re Sorry!
    We can’t find the file you are looking for. It maybe got deleted by the owner or was removed due a copyright violation.” 🙁

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